21 revelations from my first year at SAP

The title of this article is partly jest; most of these aren’t revelations, no. This was an article I had written almost at the end of my first year to submit to the SAP Annual Magazine.¬†Wasn’t published. Well now I know the positive points of having my own blog. ūüėČ

Purely for laughs – I look at what I’d written a couple of years ago and it’s still funny (for me).

  • If you cut yourself while making a model, the first thing you think is “must not bleed on model”.
  • The statement “But it’s only 1 AM..” seems normal and perfectly reasonable.
  • Respect to seniors isn’t lost by using first names.
  • You don’t have to be a dancer to dance.
  • Architectural human figures aren’t stick figures.
  • Filling a box with freehand vertical lines is harder than it seems.
  • Loud music and enough work can pull off 3 all nighters in a row.
  • AND what it means to look and walk like a zombie afterwards.
  • Pillars aren’t pillars, they’re columns.
  • Your parents don’t share your sentiments about your bathing schedule.
  • Your ‘night life’ isn’t¬†quite¬†what they show in the movies.
  • Facebook groups turn out real useful for exchanging last minute notes.
  • AND, by extension, it isn’t odd to find just your classmates online at 3:30 AM.
  • BC and AD don’t mean Before Christ and Anno Domini, no.
  • The movie ‘Inception’ intrigues you more because Ariadne was an architect.
  • You¬†feel¬†you’ve learnt enough to laugh at out of place doric orders, when you see them.
  • ‘Why this Kolaveri’ and ‘Sadda Haq’ seem the perfect background scores for every occasion.
  • You get irritated ¬†when you complain to your school friends about your workload and all they say is “But you just have to draw!”
  • You realise it’s possible to get up at 8:30 and be in class by 8:40 – if you skip the essentials, that is.
  • NASA, the one you know now, isn’t going to make you an astronaut, by any chance.
  • You realise that 1 mm makes all the difference in the world while making a cube.
  • Space isn’t outer space, form isn’t Tendulkar’s form, model isn’t Priyanka Chopra, scale isn’t the 15 cm one you used to carry around, groove isn’t what you do to a beat, and no, butter sheets aren’t the one you use to bake.