Learned helplessness

This is a topic I’ve touched upon lightly in other posts, Perfectly adequate and Chasing dopamine, but when a video came up in my recommended section which aligned with pretty much everything I had wanted to say and left unsaid (because of not being able to articulate) I wanted to post it right away.

Veritasium is pretty much a science channel explaining various concepts in a really accesible manner, but occasionally he comes up with videos like this :

(watch it and come back)

The motivational aspect of that video is important of course, and that was a lot of what I took away from it. Work wise, or life and productivity wise, I was happy the video was able to put a name (and scientific backing) to something I have experienced (and I’m sure many of you would have, too).

Because I inevitably seem to draw parallels to design processes and college education methods from seemingly random topics, I did for this too. It’s good to know why “Think outside the box” doesn’t work all the time, right? Learning to break out of the ‘learned helplessness’ of my work (ideology, design, skills) has always been my first challenge. 

I don’t really want to drag on because the video itself gave much food for thought. I want to keep this shorty because this was not what I planned my next post to be, it was supposed to be about my internship experience. That’s in the works. 🙂

There, I’ve said it. Now I’m accountable to you all.

To judge or not to judge, #mychoice

I knew the title of the post was potential clickbait as soon as I had written it.

This post is not about the much hyped Vogue video about women’s choices. The video itself (and its subsequent spinoffs and parodies) created quite a sensation – everyone and their dog believed they were entitled to an opinion, and they were quite vocal about it too. Truth be told? I was quite happy about it. This had nothing to do with the message of the video itself – it was just that if you put yourself out on the internet, you will inevitably be critically examined and dissected (most of the ways in which it is done isn’t quite pleasant, though). On the positive side, it showed how much positive discussion and debate about important issues the internet had enabled.

Oh BTW; if you haven’t seen the video, do watch it and one of the better spoofs:

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