5 lessons from my internship year

I finished my 11 month long internship at MOAD a month back. This post detailing my experience was long overdue, and here it is finally 🙂

I didn’t have a great deal of expectations when I joined, because I had never worked in an office environment before to any capacity. Now looking back, I see my lack of experience as a good thing, because it allowed me to crack myself open completely.

It was all not smooth sailing. There were times, I recall, when I would try to listen on to conversations about schedule of joinery and electrical and plumbing layouts, completely nonplussed. Then it would switch to discussions about light and spatial quality and I’d try and put on a slightly more intelligent face.

This is not another one of those ‘office is so different they didn’t teach us enough in college‘ posts. That particular dead horse has been beaten to a pulp so many times (even during discussions at office) that nothing exists there, not anymore.

With different offices and varied ways in which they work, some culture shock is only expected when you move to a completely different working environment. Anyone who moves into an office and hope to be good to go from day 1 would be deluding themselves. Without turning this into academia vs practice, I can say this, without hyperbole – interning was one of the most game-changing experiences of my life.

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