An year of this blog – a lookback

When I started this blog a little more than an year ago, I had little idea where it was going to go. It was mostly fueled by the CAF events, and my own random musings from time to time. And every once in a while, convenient excuses like ‘real life’ would take over and I would lapse, only to be drawn back when a new idea strikes.

That is not to say this blog had been a chore – far from it. Writing and running this blog has been one of the most fulfilling, cathartic experiences in my past year, and I want that to continue. It would be very easy to pretend (to myself, even) I write so infrequently because good content takes time, or some other convincing white lie. However that is not the full truth.

I write at the pace I write because

a) I slack off sometimes; and 

b) I generally write to be written, not to be read; and finally

c) I pass up on a lot of stuff because I think they are not “worthy” to be blog posts.

And over the course of this year, I’ve discovered almost all of that can change.

I’ll make a confession – over the past year I’d have read more of non-architecture related stuff than architecture. And I’ve been hooked, too; while I still lack the patience to sit and read a whole book (something I can thank the Internet for), the Web has evolved its long format article which I like. Medium, the Guardian, and to a certain extent BuzzFeed – they’ve all slowly perfected the craft of presenting stories, ideas, all in digestible sizes of 10-15 minutes reading time. And I love it. I think it is a great idea. And it has been giving me ideas on the kind of content I could produce for this blog.

It is not that I’m going to be changing tracks. I’m just choosing to be less esoteric, and experiment with more types of content which would fit this blog. And try to post more frequently, of course.

Over an year, this blog had a small number of repeat, loyal readers. Thanks to all of you 🙂 And the limited number of comments I’ve received, also, have made me realise the potential of a written web medium like this.

If you were a reader the previous year, thanks for sticking on, and expect more. If you’re a new reader, go through some of the archives, and expect more.


P.S : The second edition of CAF Intern Mentorship programme is just starting. Do check it out.

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